Thank you to everyone who donated to the Arkansas Sheriff's Youth Ranch  in 2021.

Because of your generosity, over $2500 in gifts were donated to the kids.

From Matt Cleveland, ASAE Member and Chief Development Officer of Arkansas Sheriffs' Youth Ranches

Thank you so much to ASAE for once again providing Christmas presents for the boys and girls at the Arkansas Sheriffs' Youth Ranches. This is always such a help to our staff that your members make sure we have all our kids' wish lists covered each year. This year, one of our young men who is 15 years old, experienced the joy of Christmas for the very first time. He and his housemates were decorating the tree, and the houseparent learned that this was his first time to celebrate Christmas and asked if he would like to put the angel on top of the tree. The young man was honored, and after he had topped the tree, curled up under the tree and had a good cry. He said it felt like something he had only seen in movies and he never thought he would get to do something that special. In fact, this young man was lucky to get regular meals and a warm bed at night before coming to the Ranch, so Christmas was a luxury he never thought he would experience. This is one of the reasons we want to celebrate Christmas in a big way at the Ranch, to make these children's dreams come true. Many thanks to ASAE for playing a big role in making kids dreams come true at the Ranch for more than two decades!


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