Executive Member Spotlight:  Jessica Dunham, Board Member

Tell us who you are, where you work and what your title is.

My Name is Jessica Dunham. I am the Director of Events for EAST Initiative

What is the most important leadership lesson that you’ve learned?

Surround yourself with smart people and empower them to make decisions. Provide direction, let go, and trust your team to do creative and excellent work on their terms.

How long have you been a member of ASAE?

6 years!

What is the most memorable ASAE Event you hosted or attended?

As an event professional, my favorite events are the ASAE conventions. The education sessions are invigorating and the networking events provide an opportunity for this introvert to comfortably engage with other members. I'll also admit, that I appreciate the opportunity to experience an event as an attendee - it gives me a great perspective for planning my own events.

What would you tell others about ASAE?

I always tell people that I am a strange fit within ASAE because my organization is not a traditional association, but I continue to find value in the experience and I sincerely value the friendships and work relationships that this organization has given me.

What is the most effective daily habit you possess?

Pick a reward (or two) and build it into my daily work schedule. Some of my favorite examples - take a nap, listen to a podcast, paint my nails, phone call or text session with a friend, light a candle and read a book for 20 minutes, bake a special treat. It's something that I can look forward to each day and motivates me to be productive.

What's one way that 2020 positively affected you?

Over the past year, I found a sense of renewed strength and confidence in my roles of wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend. I also had the opportunity to learn about and discover a passion for producing digital meetings and events.

Anything special or unique you'd like membership to know about you?

When playing two truths and a lie, one of my favorite truths to share is that I have second degree black belt in Taekwondo and I am a certified instructor and sparring referee. Don't mind the fact that I achieved these when I was merely 14 - I still claim these accomplishments nearly 20 years later.

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