Executive Member Spotlight:  Karen Hutchins, ASAE Past President

Tell us who you are, where you work and what your title is.

My Name is Karen Hutchins. I am the Executive Director of the Arkansas Bar Association.

What is the most important leadership lesson that you’ve learned?

Listen to those you lead.

How long have you been a member of ASAE?

15 years!

What is the most memorable ASAE Event you hosted or attended?

The first year we hosted the Christmas party at lunch. It was so very fun to form teams that blew up balloons and stuffed them into suits worn by one team member. The winner wore a suit stuffed with the most balloons. If my memory is correct I think Bo Ryall was the winner.

What's one way that 2020 positively affected you?

It has helped me to seek out creative solutions in all areas of association management.

Anything special or unique you'd like membership to know about you?

I use to drive a 1966 Mustang. This has led to a special bond with my son who is marketing analyst with a Mustang restoration parts company. He and I plan to restore it back to it's glory days.

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